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The WriteMyAds family

WriteMyAds serves more than 700 real estate offices throughout all 50 states, Canada and the U.S. territories.

Most of our subscribers fit into one of two categories:

  • Individuals or small offices where each agent manages his or her own listings and advertisements. These agents typically use WriteMyAds several times a month to create their house ads for a real estate magazine.
  • Any size office where a coordinator, who might be an administrative assistant or marketing specialist, manages the advertising for many agents. Depending on the size of the office, the coordinator may use WriteMyAds on a daily basis.

Company information

WriteMyAds.com is owned by AppNation Inc., a consulting and software development firm founded in 1995 by David Woosley.

The idea for WriteMyAds was born in 2005 when the real estate office of David's wife, Vanessa, needed a better solution for writing ads. The agents in Vanessa's office had tried other ad-writing products and were not impressed.

The first 1,000 hours of work on WriteMyAds were spent designing a theoretical model for how a dynamic writing engine might generate creative house ads. The resulting model uses mathematics, grammar, feature ranking and, we hope, lots of common sense.

Next, we invested more than 3,000 hours on programming, testing and refining the WriteMyAds software. We hired editors and creative writers to feed their creative thoughts into our dynamic writing engine. In late 2006, we made WriteMyAds available to the public.

Contact us

We're always happy to answer your questions about:

  • Our products
  • Our prices
  • Our company
  • Technical support, or
  • Anything else regarding WriteMyAds.

Email support@WriteMyAds.com
Telephone 479-252-1200
Address WriteMyAds
3219 Ashebury Point
Greenwood, AR 72936

Privacy policy

We do not give, sell or distribute any information about you or your business at any time to anyone in any form.

Subscription payments are processed through First Data Merchant Services, a world leader in electronic commerce and payment services. You may visit their website at www.FirstData.com for more information about them.

We value your privacy.

Reseller program

Our software is an ideal way to leverage your business and generate additional revenue from new and existing clients.

Our reseller program provides great benefits to its partners:

  • Selling professional software solutions for real estate.
  • Earn 35% of the purchase price for all sales generated.
  • Payments are made monthly in the second month after the sale.
  • Check your sales and commissions in our Reseller Control Panel.
  • You can run advertisements that link back to the WriteMyAds website.
  • We provide product descriptions, graphics and sample hyperlinks.
  • We handle customer service, post-sales support and tracking of sales.
  • Becoming a reseller is simple, so you can get started today.
  • No financial investment is required to become a reseller.

You are invited to partner with WriteMyAds and join our successful team.

Take the next step and sign up now for our reseller program.

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