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Why it works

Michael Russer, the columnist known as Mr. Internet for REALTOR© Magazine Online, wrote a column about WriteMyAds and said the following:

"For something as important as advertising, it makes sense to have a professional do the work. This new service is a way to get around paying someone top dollar to write ads, while still turning out impressive work for every listing."

Writing fresh ads is difficult because:

  • Many homes have the same features, none of which are thrilling.
  • Finding a fresh perspective on un-sold homes is almost impossible.
  • Your career experience may not include creative writing skills.

WriteMyAds helps you because we translate boring facts into meaningful benefits for the buyer. Benefits, not boring facts, attract better buyers.

How it works

Here's how you get started:

  • Describe your listings with our easy-to-use forms.
  • Upload house photos. It's optional, yet a good idea; see why below.

Here's what our tools do for you:

  • Save the home's features in our database.
  • Write snazzy house ads in seconds (literally).
  • Give you unlimited ads for unlimited properties.
  • Remember your favorite ads for future use.
  • Bundle your ads and photos into one convenient package.
  • Email the complete package to magazines, newspapers or anywhere.
  • Manage your ads by property, agent, date and publication.

Here's the real bonus for you:

  • Get better ads with less work.

Subscription prices

We take pride in making WriteMyAds an affordable product.

Subscription plan and what's included Annual
  • Single-agent subscription.
  • Our creative writing software.
  • Unlimited and properties.
  • Tools to manage ads and publications.
  • Automatic upgrades and backups.
  • Nothing to install or break.
  • Free technical support.
This plan includes photo management too, which we recommend if you want to bundle your ads and photos into one convenient package. $195
Both plans are initially for one agent. If you work with listings for more than one agent, the cost is $25 a year for each extra agent. You can upgrade your subscription to add more agents at any time. $25

Ad-writing demonstration

Seeing is believing.

Using the demo is easy:

  • Give us the facts about the home.
  • We'll write great ads in seconds.

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