How It Works

Here's a high-level review of how WriteMyAds works:

  • Describe the properties.
  • Create ads for each property.
  • Create an ad package for several properties.
  • Deliver the ad package.

Also, we help you organize:

  • Properties
  • Packages
  • Publications

Describe the properties.

Describe the home's features using our 10-page wizard that guides you through the process. You can choose from more than 1,200 home features and we store your answers in our database. It takes about five minutes per home.

After reading this page, see the ad-writing demo because you'll understand it faster than we can explain it.

House photos: You can also upload photos for each listing. This is important if want to bundle your ads and photos into a single package for easy delivery to publishers.

Create ads for each property.

The technology behind WriteMyAds is a dynamic writing engine (our core software) that randomly selects the best features of a listing and converts those features into real-world benefits for potential home buyers.

Our team of creative writers and editors feed their thoughts into our software. The software analyzes the home's features, both alone and in combination, to determine which creative concepts are appropriate for the home.

Swimming pool + Privacy fence = Skinny dipping
Starter home + Near schools = Family with small kids
Formal dining + Double ovens = Holiday meals
High price + Tiny home = Ritzy neighborhood

There's nothing magical about the individual features. The trick is that our software will analyze thousands of possibilities in a split second. It uses a formula of relevance and randomness to choose a creative concept that translates facts into benefits. Then, it starts writing.

Our software is very intelligent, but it's not perfect. We've seen our software focus on oversize closets for a beach-front home with a swimming pool. When that happens, click on the "Write Fresh Ads" button until you find something more appropriate for the home.

Create an ad package for several properties.

A broker, agent, assistant or marketing specialist often needs to prepare ads for several properties at the same time. For example, you might advertise 12 properties on a full-page advertisement in a local real estate magazine.

WriteMyAds allows you to create an ad package for one or more properties. An ad package represents the:

  • Publication name.
  • Publication due date.
  • Properties in the package.
  • Ad text and photos for those properties.
  • The current status of the package.

If an ad package includes properties from several agents, each agent can modify only their part of the package. A reminder email can be sent to all agents in the package to encourage them to proof and approve their properties.

Deliver the ad package.

The status of an ad package will be:

  • Pending until all ads are proofed and approved.
  • Ready to be published.
  • Sent to the publisher by email.

Publishers love WriteMyAds because it solves a real problem: Real estate agents are notorious for sending stuff in bits and pieces, and often past deadline. With WriteMyAds, you don't send anything until everything is ready. Then, you click on one button to send the entire package (including photos) to the publisher and/or anyone else (another publisher, newspaper, yourself, your boss, etc.).

Management tools:

Property management: We display a list of your properties by address, listing date, agent name and status. Next to each property are hyperlinks by which you can edit the property's features, change its status, upload photos and write fresh ads. Each property has a status:

  • Active
  • Pending
  • Sold
  • Withdrawn
  • Trash

Package management: We display a list of your ad packages by publication date, publication name, the number of properties contained in the package and the overall package status (pending, ready, sent).

Next to each package is a hyperlink to access the package's publishing menu from which you can:

  • Add or remove properties in the package.
  • Choose the ad text and attach photos.
  • Choose the publication name and date.
  • Contact agents with ads in the package.
  • Email the package to a publisher or anyone else.

Publication management: In WriteMyAds, a publication is defined as a possible recipient of an ad package. This includes newspapers, magazines, your own office, yourself or anywhere else.

We already know most publications within a 200-mile radius of your office. If we've missed some, you can define additional publications for any purpose.

When you sign up for WriteMyAds, we automatically create a publication named inner-office usage to serve as your default publication. You can change your default to something else.

Get started now.

Here's the beauty of Internet-based software:

  • Nothing to install.
  • Nothing to break.
  • Nothing to update.
  • Nothing to backup.
  • Nothing to worry about.

You can use our software at the office, home or anywhere with an Internet connection. If you want to create house ads while wearing your pajamas and lounging on the couch, then you'll love us.

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