Why It Works

Your ads may be snoozers.

You probably learned to write house ads by reading the tiresome words written by your co-workers and competitors.

Everyone has flashes of brilliance. But when the creative juices aren't flowing, it's difficult and time consuming to write good house ads. On some days, it's impossible.

Our solution: We employ a team of creative writers and editors who feed their thoughts into our writing software. These people are very clever. They understand real estate and some of them, in fact, sell real estate themselves.

Sell the sizzle, not the steak.

For real estate, selling sizzle means selling the real-world benefits of owning the home instead of just describing cold facts about the property. This is difficult because ...

  • Many homes have no thrilling benefits.
  • Many homes have the same benefits.
  • You don't have time to think about sizzle.

We know sizzle: Our writing software is smart enough to recognize benefits, both obvious and hidden. It uses tens of thousands of ideas to provide a fresh perspective and grab the buyer's attention.

We translate facts into benefits.

Some homes have flashy, obvious features: a swimming pool, five fireplaces, a Malibu address and so forth. Most homes are not unique and we know that. So, forget about unique. Other things are more important.

Basic features you think are boring or trivial might be very important to someone else.

Let's say one of your listings has a fenced yard and is five minutes away from Lincoln High School. Our software wrote these ads for that home.

Doggy Domain: Your pooch will rule the roost in the fenced yard of this Colonial home only minutes from Lincoln High School. It has ...

Teacher Feature: You're a close walk to the high school from this 3BR/2BA Colonial. It has a fenced yard for playful pets, plus ...

Those are pretty good ads for a basic home because every community has dogs and teachers. If one ad doesn't strike your fancy, click on the "Rewrite" button until you find an advertisement you like.

Consider this ad:

Skeeter Beater: Enjoy insect-free evenings on the cool screened porch at this 3-bedroom, 2-bath Ranch home near Red Canyon. It has ...

Would you write an advertisement about porches and pests? Maybe, maybe not -- but our software did.

Your part is a breeze: Give us the facts.

Then, we'll translate those facts into benefits and write your ads in seconds.

People want comfort, security, romance, convenience, affordability and happy kids.

Sell emotion, sell sizzle and do it honestly. People want good schools, an extra bathroom and a better life. Take advantage of those things. As a real estate superhero, you should publish attention-grabbing ads because:

  • You want buyers to CALL YOU.
  • It's more bang for your marketing buck.
  • You want big, juicy commission checks.

Get started now.

WriteMyAds is Internet-based software. Since you're reading this screen, you can get started now. You'll be up and running in minutes.

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